FIM Womens Training Camp 2015 am 09.02.2015

09.02. - 11.02.2015

Rennen „FIM Womens Training Camp 2015“


This training camp is dedicated to women competing or willing to compete in Road Racing. It will propose training activities, track sessions (timed) as well as non-sporting workshops (sponsoring, nutrition etc.). This training camp aims at detecting future Road Racing Champions but is open for all in track using interested women.

This women’s camp is part of a Bike Promotion track day. Faster girls starts in a fast group, medium and slower have own slots. Interested participants can take part in a 7 lap race.

Package 1 includes 3 days of training, work shops, experienced road racing trainers, technical support, suspension service, hotel accomodation in a double, full day catering and much more. Participants use their own bikes.

Package 2 includes in addition to package 1 also the use of a BMW S 1000 RR bike incl. tires, fuel etc., technical support and much more.


We plan with Maria Costello (GBR), Simon Crafar (NZL), Juergen Fuchs (GER), Sabine Holbrook (SUI) and Armin Scherdan (GER). These are very experienced trainers (track and workshops) on place.

Languages: The main event languages are english and german but if it´s needed you will get support in spanish, russian, czech, slovakian and italian language also.

Services available on site:

Technical and electronic service by BMW customer support
Tire service (Bike Promotion)
Spare part service (
Suspension service
Time keeping (Bike Promotion)
The package does not include participants’ travel expenses: participants will have to take care of their travel. All the other services are covered by the participation fee.


An International or national license include a start permission in foreign countries is required. No-licensed riders can buy a one event licence through the booking process.

Deductible (package II)

In case of crash participants will have to pay an excess of a maximum of EUR 1’500.


4Stars Hotel Marina Playa, Mojacar

Airports/rental car companies

Alicante (recommended by us; most frequented airport from a lot of flight companies, cheaper flights a.s.o.), Almeria, San Javier (Murcia), Malaga

We can overtake your flight and rental car booking. Please ask by mail on


The training camp is supported by Federation Internationale de Motocyclisme, BMW Motorrad and Bike Promotion.

Current standing of bookings

3 participant with package 1; 5 participants with package 2 from Germany, Switzerland, Russia and Turkey

Questions? Send us an email at:



Almeria / Spanien

Die spanische Rennstrecke Circuito de Almeria liegt ca. 4 Kilometer von Tabernas entfernt und ist deales "Aufzünd-Areal" für die kalten Wintermonate.


DT Bike Promotion Fahrertrainings GmbH
Willkommen bei Bike Promotion, einem der größten Veranstalter von Renntrainings, Fahrertrainings und Motorradrennveranstaltungen!

Rundenzeiten: Almeria

# Rennstrecke / Info Meine Zeit Beste Zeit Differenz
1 Michi Motorsport
12.03.13, BMW S1000 RR #10
Veranstalter: DT Bike Promotion Fahrertrainings GmbH
01:39:98 01:39:98 00:00:00
2 Honda Mototreff
17.02.11, Honda CBR600RA9 ABS
Trocken, sonnig und ca. 22°C
Veranstalter: actionbike
01:45:20 01:39:98 +00:05:22
3 Sebi Racing
01.11.04, CBR 1000
Bridgestone Test, Veranstalter: Bridgestone
01:45:33 01:39:98 +00:05:35
4 Tom115
19.03.10, Suzuki GSXR1000K6
Veranstalter: Valentinos motorsports
01:45:51 01:39:98 +00:05:53
5 Hectoro
14.11.08, Yamaha R1 RN12
01:45:76 01:39:98 +00:05:78
6 Bikerfan89
23.01.13, BMW S1000RR
01:47:14 01:39:98 +00:07:16
7 Dude
30.12.07, GSX-r 1000 k5
Trocken und warm im Dezember 2007
Veranstalter: DT Bike Promotion Fahrertrainings GmbH
01:47:60 01:39:98 +00:07:62
8 Laguna Seca
13.01.10, R1 RN 12
10 C° eigentlich zu kalt für gute Zeiten. Aber für den ersten Besuch nicht so schlecht.
Veranstalter: Valentinos motorsports
01:48:03 01:39:98 +00:08:05
9 sergio@racing
10.01.13, Suzuki Gsx-r 1000 k5
schönes Wetter bei 18 Grad
Veranstalter: Valentinos motorsports
01:48:48 01:39:98 +00:08:50
10 Karley
07.03.12, BMWS1000RR
01:49:00 01:39:98 +00:09:02
11 Spatz
21.10.05, Suzuki GSX-R 1000 K1
RZB - Laptimer
01:49:85 01:39:98 +00:09:87
12 Murmel
30.12.07, Ducati 1098S
Zum ersten Mal auf der Strecke. Man frisst die Reifen :-(
Veranstalter: DT Bike Promotion Fahrertrainings GmbH
01:50:07 01:39:98 +00:10:09
13 Pollito
13.01.11, Suzuki GSX-R 750 K5
22°C, sonnig, Muskelkater ;-)
Veranstalter: Valentinos motorsports
01:52:46 01:39:98 +00:12:48
02.02.14, BMW S1000RR
2. Mal Almeria, auf K3, in einer Gruppe von 8 Leuten hinter nem Instruktor
Veranstalter: DT Bike Promotion Fahrertrainings GmbH
01:53:50 01:39:98 +00:13:52
15 Jinx
12.12.13, GSXR 650
High speed 229. On slicks. Good weather.
Veranstalter: Focused Events
01:56:14 01:39:98 +00:16:16
16 Mikaluno
02.02.09, CBR954RR #112
gewöhnungsbedürftige Strecke, aber abwechslungsreich und geil
Veranstalter: Valentinos motorsports
01:57:07 01:39:98 +00:17:09
17 hermann.konrath.9
09.01.14, BMW S1000RR
Veranstalter: DT Bike Promotion Fahrertrainings GmbH
02:01:20 01:39:98 +00:21:22
18 Uschi Zaettickssaecksaer
22.01.10, Kawasaki ZX-6 R
Windig und Fahrer mit Schiss inne Buckse
Veranstalter: Valentinos motorsports
02:07:00 01:39:98 +00:27:02
19 annett.kon
30.11.13, Suzuki GSXR 750
Veranstalter: DT Bike Promotion Fahrertrainings GmbH
02:12:00 01:39:98 +00:32:02