Twisted Bastard, Honda CB350 chopper Rat Bike - liebevoller Umbau

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Video von: sidewinder | vom: 28.09.2008

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Details: Twisted Bastard, Honda CB350 chopper Rat Bike...

Cb350 Honda Chopper My son and I built. This bike began as a stock 1973 Cb350, with both kick and electric start.
Stats include:
Twisted 12 over twisted springer front end with modified rockers to give proper trailing. The springer nuts have been replaced with saints crosses that use to sit top of fenses in old grave yards.
The tank is made from 16 ga. steel with 20 ga. hammered steel skull molded to the top. With an old school filler bung. And an old school spiked fuel cap.
The torque bar on the rear wheel is made from a stainless steel sword.
Rear brake pedal( only brake) was made from a pair of brass knuckels.
The sprocket cover was made from a skill circular saw blade.
The shifter was made from a 1947 fleetline aerosedan parking brake lever inverted. With the top controls being from a 1978 YZ650 handelbar set. The dice on the top belonged to my father, probaby one of his old sleds in the 60,s. (RIP pop) Also this shifting setup incorperates the clutch on the actual shift lever. This way the clutch is actuated with the same hand that is shifting and not with the left foot that is common with jockey (suicide) shifter setup.
The frame was fabricated by my son and I using the original CB350 engine cradle. The neck was the original from the CB350 inverted 180 degrees which allowed me to weld the neck stem to the top springer plate and put the nut on the bottom. Trick was putting the bearings in because I used the original loose bearings. However leaving part of the original downtube to now become part of the backbone, now made it much easier to get proper alignment of the neck. While at the same time adding the 40 degree rake to the neck.
Swing arm was extended 4 inches.
We made the sissy bar, also featuring the old school 1/2 inch bar twisted and put in a fork style. Also tipped with saints crosses that use to be used in old grave yards. We fabricated the sissy bar mounting brackets to resemble flames.
The handlebars are old school style twisted steel hollow Z bar's with 6 inch stock risers.
The engine is a fairly stock Cb350 engine with re-jetted carbs. Engine has had quite a bit of polishing to the case. And then painted with 1200 degree gloss engine paint, then the cooling fin tips were polished.
The seat is my design, pan was made from 12 ga. steel and then foam covered. Then covered with beaver skin from a beaver hide that I tanned about 18 years ago when I was doing Taxidermy.
The most unusualy part of the bike is the Bastard skull sitting on top of the engine. It is actualy a functioning part of the bike. Notice the plug wires comming from the jaw bones? This skull has been molded to house the Ignition coils. Also notice on top of the skull he has a mohawk, also made of beaver skin and random length spikes.
We also made the exhaust, with flame cut tips. They don't sound that good on recording but sound great live.
The rear turn signals were originaly constant running lights. But I tore apart some Harley turn signals placing the guts in these making them turn signals and keeping that old school look. The rear brake light is a classic cat eye design with skull lenses.
I made the tail light and tag mounting bracket. I took an old breaker box and used this as my electrical box which houses my starter soilinoid, flasher relay, rectifyer, switch assy, voltage regulator and other misc. stuff. I fabricated my wiring harness and did all of the wiring myself.
The Front chin spioler was originaly from a plow that was used in the 50s on a old garden tractor. They were shortened and inverted in a bracket that I made to fit in the bottom of the down tube.
The front pegs were made by taking part of a cafe racer style handelbars, and inserting some twisted 1/2 inch twisted solid steel bars with hinged foot rests.
The rear wheel is stock Cb350 with 120/90 -18" tires. While the front wheel is an old 60's Hallcraft spoolie wheel from england. With a 3.25 x 19" tire
The kickstand is also an old school style 1/2 inch twisted bar with a mounting bracket from a CB750 Honda inserted into the engine cradle.
The headlight began as a dual over and under Lucas headlight. Which I converted to a single assembly. keeping that old school look, without cluttering the forks.
The carb and the intake breathers filters are K&N style pods. This project took 12 months to build. I feel it is the best time ever spent between father and son. We both learned alot together and created a lot together. I love motorcycles and love to be original. Please leave coments if you approve or disapprove, either way I hope I have inspired you to be original. Cookie cutters are a dime a dozen. THIS IS TRUELY ONE OF A KIND!

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