Yamaha VStar 650 Bobber (1998) von Bare Bone Rides

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Video von: Barebonerides | vom: 24.02.2014
Homepage: www.facebook.com/barebonerides

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Details: Yamaha VStar 650 Bobber (1998) von Bare Bone...

Custombike Yamaha VStar 650 Bobber (1998) von Bare Bone Rides.

Web: www.barebonerides.com
FB: www.facebook.com/barebonerides

Hey folks, hoping you dig our version of the Yamaha VStar 650 Classic ... quite a transformation from the original version ... the tank has been hand hammered and inlayed with copper-leaf then hydro-dipped with ghosted skulls - the tins were taken down to raw steel, aged to have a natural rust patina then clear coated.

Check out several before/during/after pics along with all of our other custom builds at www.barebonerides.com (scroll down on "The Bikes" tab) or www.facebook.com/barebonerides. Thanks for looking everyone - we sincerely appreciate your support, time and any comments or feedback you may want to share (we encourage constructive criticism as we like to know what you guys think of this and our other builds).

Stay safe and remember, being truly and deeply happy is a choice ... make it so!

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