Masters of Dirt (MOD) 2012 in Wien - Rückblick und Best Shoots

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Video von: Mastersofdirt | vom: 06.03.2012

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Details: Masters of Dirt (MOD) 2012 in Wien - Rückblic...

Masters of Dirt (MOD) 2012 in Wien - Rückblick und Best Shoots.

Over 20 000 visitors were treated to "Masters of Dirt" creator Georg Fechter's latest crazy vision this past weekend.

Three days of sold out shows meant that 40% more tickets were sold than last year. With the motto of "if it's got wheels it can fly", the crew of more than 100 specialists produced a show of the highest calibre.

A night full of highlights had 20 riders and more in the air at the same time on FMX bikes, BMX's, Mountainbikes, Quads and Snowmobiles - an unforgettable image which saw the World's best riders converge on Vienna from 4 continents to entertain the Viennese public.

On Friday evening ten-time Dakar Rallye winner, Stephane Peterhansel, made a special appearance with his race winning Mini to greet the fans.

On Saturday our Spanish Quad pilot Hugo Arriazu had a frightening crash when a backflip went badly wrong. Luckily he emerged from the incident relatively unscathed.

One of the funnier moments saw a car and caravan launched over the FMX ramp. Whilst they both flew surprisingly gracefully, high and far - the landing was less pretty - with the caravan completely disintegrating upon landing.

The 2013 Vienna show has already been confirmed for 22, 23 and 24 February - bringing the mad dogs back to Vienna for more carnage and mayhem. Early-bird tickets have already started selling. For this first week, fans get an additional
Euro 5 discount per ticket bought.


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