Jerez: World GP Bike Legends 2015 - die Helden der 500ccm Ära

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Video von: Trevor Hedge | vom: 24.06.2015


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Details: Jerez: World GP Bike Legends 2015 - die Helde...

Jerez: World GP Bike Legends 2015 - die Helden der 500ccm Ära.

Alles was in der 500ccm Ära Rang und Namen hatte traf sich in Jerez (Spanien) auf ihren alten Maschinen und drehten ein paar Runden. Geiler Bericht!


Jerez enjoyed thrilling racing from the biggest collection of former racing heroes ever assembled who between them have over 300 grand prix wins during the inaugural World GP Bike Legends event.

Wayne Gardner, Freddie Spencer and Kevin Schwantz each took to the top step of the podium in three headlining 500cc races at World GP Bike Legends at Jerez Circuit, Spain.

The encounters, which also saw the likes of Christian Sarron, Didier de Radiguès José Cardoso, Phil Read and Steve Parrish battling it out for position, were the tip of the entertainment iceberg, as legends also raced in 125c and 250cc classes, plus there was supporting action from the International Classic Grand Prix series.

With 1987 500cc World Champion Wayne Gardner winning the first race on Saturday, it was the turn of ‘Fast Freddie’ to take glory in the second battle aboard a Yamaha YZR 500 ahead of Kevin Schwantz and Didier De Radiguès.

Wayne Gardner said: “Wow! Winning feels as good as ever, but just to be out there riding with all these guys is amazing. It’s a dream come true really, I’ve been involved from very early on in this project and it’s so good to see people here meeting there heroes and watching these amazing bikes again.”

In the final contest, Schwantz grabbed the early lead but was caught and passed by Spencer. Undeterred, the pair swapped positions several times before Schwantz eventually made the move stick to the delight of the Spanish fans at the circuit.

Racing hero Kevin Schwantz enjoyed the perfect birthday celebrations on the Friday of the event, 19 June. First he blasted around the world famous Jerez circuit on his 1994 XR84 500cc Suzuki – the very bike he rode as World Champion – before partying with fellow superstars and enjoying the live music party in the paddock.

The Suzuki specialist began his 500cc career in 1986, and returned to the track alongside an amazing collection of his rivals from the heyday of grand prix motorcycle racing, and won the final race of the weekend.

“What a great 51st birthday present to get to ride my ’94 Lucky Strike Suzuki XR84!” said Schwantz. “It’s awesome to be in Jerez with all the Spanish fans, and it’s an honour to still be involved in motorcycling and especially at this event surrounded by so many legends!”

With the success of this inaugural event, discussions are already underway to begin planning for the next chapter of World GP Bike Legends history.

Freddie Spencer – “This event is all about what we’ve been experiencing outside with the public. It’s the passion and the emotion that gets generated – I’ve been around motorcycles my whole life, and it has given me so many things – and the look on people’s faces is what it’s all about. I saw a couple of young guys in the paddock and they said ‘thank you so much for doing this and allowing us to see you live’, and that’s what it’s all about. For us it’s also brilliant to be back on the 500s, I’ve been riding a bike I was actually racing against back in the ‘80s! It’s the beginning of this connection between us guys up here, the collectors who have given us the opportunity to ride, and the fans who have come along to see us. I’m truly looking forward to where this is going in the future.”

The Race Of Legends 500cc – Race 1

Wayne GARDNER – Cagiva V589
Didier de RADIGUES – Suzuki XR88 RGV 500
Kevin SCHWANTZ – Suzuki XR84 RGV 500
Christian SARRON – Yamaha YZR 500
Niggi SCHMASSMANN – Yamaha YZR 500
Freddie SPENCER – Yamaha OW48R
Gary LINGHAM – Suzuki RGB500 MK7
Graeme CROSBY – Suzuki XR34
Steve PARRISH – Suzuki XR34
Michael NEEVES – Yamaha YZR 500
Phil READ – Suzuki Mk1RG
Jose Luis CARDOSO – Kawasaki KR500

The Race Of Legends 500cc – Race 2

Freddie SPENCER – Yamaha YZR500 OW48R
Kevin SCHWANTZ – Suzuki RGV500 XR84
Didier DE RADIGUES – Suzuki RGV500 XR88
Christian SARRON – Yamaha YZR500
Niggi SCHMASSMANN – Yamaha YZR500
Wayne GARDNER – Cagiva V589
Jose Luis CARDOSO – Kawasaki KR500
Steve PARRISH – Suzuki RGV500 XR34
Phil READ – Suzuki RG500
Graeme CROSBY – Suzuki RGV500 XR34

The Race Of Legends 500cc – Race 3

Kevin SCHWANTZ – Suzuki RGV500 XR84
Freddie SPENCER – Yamaha YZR500
Niggi SCHMASSMANN – Yamaha YZR500
Jose Luis CARDOSO – Kawasaki KR500
Didier DE RADIGUES – Suzuki RGV500
Graeme CROSBY – Suzuki RGV500
Steve PARRISH – Suzuki RGV500
Phil READ – Suzuki Mk1RG
Wayne GARDNER – Cagiva V589

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