MEGA James Stewart "Bubba Scrub" in Superzeitlupe BRAAPP

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Video von: RedBull | vom: 09.08.2015


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Details: MEGA James Stewart "Bubba Scrub" in Superzeit...

MEGA James Stewart "Bubba Scrub" in Superzeitlupe BRAAPP

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Watch an ultra slow-mo explanation of the scrub by the man who brought it to moto: James Stewart.

No riding technique has revolutionized modern motocross like the Bubba Scrub. When James Stewart hopped on the pro scene in 2002 at a ripe 16, he brought with him enough youthful exuberance to shame a Justin Bieber concert. What’s more, it showed in his riding. Stewart was always an animated rider, moving all over the bike when he was on the track.

During his early years as a pro, he developed a technique of throwing the bike sideways on the face of jumps, which allowed him to hit the jumps with more speed while at the same time staying lower than other riders. This ultimately allowed him to put power to the ground more quickly. What became known as the Bubba Scrub not only helped lap times, it also looked awesome.

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