2010 Yamaha Super Ténéré Concept.

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Video von: Vonti | vom: 18.01.2010
Homepage: http://www.youtube.com/user/vontivonti

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Details: 2010 Yamaha Super Ténéré Concept....

Yamaha Super Ténéré, a motorcycle, a legend. The spirit of adventure, travel and freedom.

I am an enthusiastic owner of the new XT 660 Z Yamaha Ténéré. I feel that across many aspects of its build and make, this Ténéré is a success story. This motorcycle, too, is part of my inspiration for these designs.

I attempted to develop something here that underpins the history of this motorcycle, and yet fits squarely into the present. Apart from the purely technical aspects, this attempt of mine at new designs seeks to remain in keeping with the fundamental shape, while further reducing it and develop it along the direction of design inspired by the 660.

I realized that simple form leaves room for graphic realization, with which the motorcycle can be presented in any modern shape. Despite the fact that these drafts were co-developed together with experts drawn from the Ténéré Club Switzerland and comply with the latest technical status of the Tokyo Exhibit, it is still a personal dream. I regard the Ténéré as a sporty motorcycle, which can master any pass, loaded down with a passenger and baggage and on the other hand still keeps what is promised in terms of its reputation: where there is no way out, we will create one.

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