Eisenberg V8: 500 PS bei 10.500rpm - Hammer Teil

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Video von: Eisenberg V8 | vom: 21.05.2016
Homepage: http://www.eisenbergV8.com

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Details: Eisenberg V8: 500 PS bei 10.500rpm - Hammer T...

Eisenberg V8: 500 PS bei 10.500rpm Testrun nach 3 Jahren Entwicklung

Web: http://www.eisenbergV8.com
FB: https://www.facebook.com/Turbinebike

Well we did it - after 3 years of hard work, we finished the Gen.1 prototype of the 'EISENBERG V8' production bike at 3am on Thursday, Friday was spent all day testing and snagging the bike in the pouring rain at Bruntingthorpe.

Saturday at Elvington was the first ever day the bike had been shown in public. I was very aware that even though the bike had never done any full power runs and the engine was still being run in, the crowd would be expecting big speeds and no excuses.

The MADMAX Race team reputation was on the line. Would the bike deliver a respectable speed out of the box... or would it wobble down the runway at 70mph with bits falling off?

So many big name bike brands boast of big speed, big HP, but when tested in real life, the claims don't stack up. With the British Speed record club present, the UK timing association and the best of British top speed riders having turned up, there was no-where to hide!

I'm pleased to say we didn't let anyone down....with the bikes very first run in public, crossing the line at 204mph, in just 1 mile from a standing start. That's with no fairing at all, upright 'MX style' bars, regular 95 unleaded, lights, indicators, road registered and road legal exhausts! What surprised me, was we only used 80% throttle and 80% of the available rpm. Every run we made was an easy 200mph +, with our best on the day being 207mph, taking into account we are still running the engine in.

It was a very successful weekend, with some fast runs of the Turbine bike and the 'loud' Jet Thrust MADMAX Kart going down well with the crowds also. With lots of positive feedback on the EISENBERG V8, and most importantly a useful list of items to tweak for the production bike, we left pleased and happy...

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