Honda Fury 2010 - NYC - Motorcycle Show 16.01.2009

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Video von: Honda | vom: 17.01.2009

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Details: Honda Fury 2010 - NYC - Motorcycle Show 16.01...

Honda Fury 2010 - NYC - Motorcycle Show 16.01.2009

Friday, January 16, at the New York International Motorcycle Show, American Honda Motor Co., Inc. introduced to the world what many have deemed the most radically styled production Honda ever built: the 2010 Fury.

The Fury radiates attitude and delivers a total riding experience approaching the outer limits of motorcycling. The Fury opens the door to the most extreme level of custom looks. But once youre rolling, the Fury experience is all about that special bond between rider and machine: the unmistakable big V-twin pulse, the characteristic Vee engine note and the no-nonsense riding stance bring you back to the core elements of riding. Destined to become a milestone machine, the Fury captures the pure, undiluted chopper essence, places it within easy reach of nearly every rider and then backs it up with the same quality and reliability built into every Honda. Its a radical concept in a unique package, a combination never before offered—until today.

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