Superbike Konzept Bike 013 - Alstare - Rusak - Tryptik - Gefällt

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Video von: Ducati Alstare | vom: 14.05.2013


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Details: Superbike Konzept Bike 013 - Alstare - Rusak ...

Superbike Koncept Bike 013 - Alstare - Rusak - Tryptik - Gefällt.

After 20 years of Superbike racing, and to celebrate his official comeback to competition, Alstare presents the 1st Concept Bike of his History.

Thanks to his expertise in the world-class motor racing, Alstare has always developed and engineered perfect racing bikes, making them real winning machines by combining technical skills and sheer motivation to create pure excitement.

As a logical consequence Alstare now wishes to materialize its personal vision of the ultimate sportbike. Alstare - applying for the services of Rusak Kreaktive Designworks studio (and its partner Tryptik Studio) - intends to conceptualize such a vision and make its “avant-guard” image and team spirit come true, drawing inspiration from its present and past history through subtle winks. Showcase of skills about a slightly perspective vision of a sportbike, this machine combines a wise blend of innovating architecture and cutting-hedge aesthetics : revolutionary suspended chassis, enhanced mechanic parts, front suspension integrated in the global artwork, sculpted deflectors.
Every single detail finely embodies ideas and solutions which come out from a long and successful racing experience.

As a result of a 2 years of passionate but discreet work, Alstare et Rusak are proud to present today the outcome of their fruitful cooperation. We hope that you will appreciate our creation to the extent of the passion and energy that we have dedicated to this project!

Next step: what about a full-scale maquette? The challenge is open to the futures potential partners of the project…

Design and Artistic Direction by Rusak Kreaktive Designworks. Lead designer : Serge Rusak - Junior designer : Ludovic Joppé. 3D modeling and animation by Tryptik Studio.

Thanks to :
Team Alstare, specially Mr Francis Batta, his wife Patricia and Greg Hauret-Clos ; the whole crew for technical input and support.
ISD students (prom’ 10) involved during the workshop, specially : Mickael Poirier-Jouan (BMW) - Arik Schwarz (BRP) - Thomas Wu (MINI) - Jérémy Bézard - Maxime Dewailly - Gautier Nevoret - Kevin Freymond.
ISD Staff, specially Alfonsino Cutillo and Rémy Constantin.

Music by Mike Zarin (Sentic Music) © 2013 © 2013


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