aRm1 - Der Weg zurück ins 'Leben' nach lebensgefährlichem Motorradunfall

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Video von: Roos Brothers | vom: 30.11.2021

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Details: aRm1 - Der Weg zurück ins 'Leben' nach lebens...

aRm1 - Der Weg zurück ins 'Leben' von Chris "Ganners" Ganley nach einem lebensgefährlichem Motorradunfall (Verlust des linken Arms, dreifacher Bruch des Rückrates und Gehirnblutung)

Sein Traum: Teilnahme an der TT IOM.



© by Roos Brothers
DIRECTED BY: The Roos Brothers
PROD CO: Greenpoint Pictures
PRODUCER: Katrina Bayoneto (NYC), Alex Levin (London)
MUSIC: 47th Ghost
SOUND DESIGN & MIX: HOBO Audio (Max Holland, Diego Jimenez, Chris Stangroom)
COLOR: Colin Travers
Chris Lane, Tim Ganley, Josh Coggins, Charlotte Goulder, Clevedon Motorcycles, Castle Combe Circuit.

Chris Ganley:



Die Geschichte von Chris
For most of us we wake up and think about how to get through the week, to reach the weekend and let our hair down.

For Chris "Ganners" Ganley its all about Racing.
Chris is the pinnacle of dreams and self belief.
He has fought through Afghanistan Twice...He Has Been To Hell, Met The Devil and Said "Not Yet" and Shook His Hand 3 Times. Twice in War and The Last Time...When He Was In A Near Fatal Accident Which Cost Him His Arm and Numerous Other Serious Life Changing Injurys.
From Day 1 He Has Been Determined...Straight From The First Remark Of "Hows My Bike?".
Within 12 Months of Intense Rehab, Training, Blood Sweat Painkillers and Coffee. He's Doing the Unimaginable (Although to Him its Just a Normal Day). Setting His Mark As One Phenominal Rider Within The Motorcycle Racing Scene.
This Guy Goes Knee Down With 1 Arm...And That's Not Enough. He's aiming for Stump Down. He's Adapted His Bike, Rebuilt His Bike, And Now Racing.

So Lets Show Some Love For a Guy Who Just Loves To Race. A Real Life True To The Bone #Hoonigan and #Speedhunter

- Miles Redguard Bowden

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