Crash bei 386 km/h - Arrows Racing: Bonneville wir haben ein Problem

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Video von: Arrow | vom: 22.10.2009

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Details: Crash bei 386 km/h - Arrows Racing: Bonnevill...

Crash bei 386 km/h Arrows Racing: Bonneville wir haben ein Problem

Team Arrow ,from Windsor Ontario Canada is Home of the Worlds Fastest 500cc Motorcycle
Fastest one mile average 228.58 mph August 18, 2006
World Record S-G 650 210.728mph August 4, 2004.
This was the last run for Team Arrow, things seemed to be going great. Then at 240 mph just after mile 4 the tire just separated sending Team arrow crashing.
A Little History of Bonneville Salt Flats.
The area was named after Benjamin Bonneville, a US army officer who explored the area.
The flats were first recognized for their potential as a speed-testing ground by Bill Rishel, who in 1896 had cycled across the area to win a competition run by the newspaper publisher William Randolph Hearst. In 1907 Rishel and two local businessmen tested the suitability of the salt for driving on by taking a Pierce Arrow onto the surface of the flats.
A railway line across the Bonneville Salt Flats was completed in 1910, marking the first permanent crossing.
The use of the salt flats as a speedway began in 1914 with Teddy Tetzlaff's run there which exceeded the land speed record, although the new record was not officially recognised.
Rishel continued to promote the area for racing, and in 1927 Ab Jenkins raced against a train over a 125-mile (201 km) stretch between Salt Lake City and Wendover. Jenkins went on to set up a 10-mile (16 km) circular course on the salt which he used to establish
24 hour records in 1932 and 1933.
The area became internationally famous in 1935 when Malcolm Campbell set a new land speed record, making him the first to break the 300 mph (480 km/h) mark. For the next 35 years, nearly all land speed records were set at the salt flats.The Bonneville Salt Flats are a 159 square mile (412 km²) salt flat in northwestern Utah. The depth of the salt has been recorded at 6 feet (1.8 m) in many areas.[citation needed] A remnant of the ancient Lake Bonneville of glacial times, the salt flats are now public land managed by the Bureau of Land Management. It is the largest of many salt flats located west of the Great Salt Lake.
Each rainfall erases tire marks and flattens the densely-packed salt pan that is inhospitable to plants. The area is extremely flat and aligned nearly perfectly with the shape of Earth

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