Crash: Wer auf dem Bike zu lange träumt, wird meist vom Schicksal abgeräumt

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Video von: JeanClaude14602 | vom: 09.08.2020

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Details: Crash: Wer auf dem Bike zu lange träumt, wird...

Crash: Wer auf dem Bike zu lange träumt, wird meist vom Schicksal abgeräumt. Glück gehabt, keine Knochen gebrochen, aber vom Motorradfahren kuriert.

It was a nice day and I had to drive 3 hours south for work the next day and on the way I decided to stop in cedar key fl on the gulf coast for some lunch. Just crusin barely above the limit a Camaro slowed down without breaking so I didn't notice any break lights to catch my attention and on top of that I wasn't being aware of my surroundings and was looking to the right a little.

At that perfect moment I realized how close the car got and it was too late. As I hit the breaks I looked for an escape, there was no way I was gonna make it all the way to the left and go around so I looked off road to the right and saw a parked truck and telephone pole and that seemed like a bad idea so i just kept on the brakes and tried to get as far right as I could and take my chances trying to skim by the side.

as you see that didn't go well. I went to the hospital and got some x'rays and nothing was broken! I was limping for about a week and a half and other than that I was completely fine. I'm very lucky I didn't break a bone let alone that I survived rear ending a car at 68mph. I think my rucksack protected my back a'lot and cushioned the rear window from breaking and obviously I had a helmet too.

Oh ya, if your wodering. Yes my bike is destroyed and I think ill buy a car next.

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