Horror Crash: Harley-Davidson vs. Ducati - Passt auf Euch auf!!!

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Video von: Runter vom Gas | vom: 28.09.2013
Homepage: http://www.youtube.com/user/SlantEyesRaceGuys

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Details: Horror Crash: Harley-Davidson vs. Ducati - Pa...

Horror Crash: Harley-Davidson vs. Ducati - Passt auf Euch auf!!!

Komplettes Video:

It was a beautiful day to ride, but sometimes accidents happen. Ride safe everyone. More details on post crash aftermath coming soon. Please rate, comment, subscribe, share for more videos.


So just an update, didn't know this video would get this many views. I can see there are a lot of upset people towards the situation, which makes perfect sense, this was an unfortunate accident.

Just wanted to address a few things that seems to be riling up people the most.

In terms of speeding, a wide angle lens makes things seem like they are going a lot faster than it looks.

The camera bike has basically a straight pipe which makes it quite loud and probably makes it sound a lot faster as well.

Lane splitting is legal in the state where the video was taken.

One person pointed out there being slippery things such as sand, ice, etc.. on the sides of the road causing people to gravitate towards the center, this is correct. And this is a shared road to go both ways.

There is a lot of talk who is at fault, well you could say there were things that could of been done differently on both party's ends during the accident. I can see there are a lot of Harley riders coming and leaving some pretty angry comments, and based off their comments, probably won't like to hear this, but the Harley rider's bike had ape hangers installed, which can hinder handling. Further up the road where the accident happened is a turn that the Harley rider was coming out of and ran wide into the other lane just over the center, whether or not because there was sand or the turn was to sharp (it is a 90° bank pretty much).

One big thing a lot of people are also mentioning is the fact of the Ducati rider not seeming to care about the Harley guy, but one thing to remember, he too was in the same accident as the Harley rider, and was injured as well, albeit not as much but enough to daze him for a bit (You can see how far forward he flew from his bike as well). The video ends pretty abruptly after the accident so there are a lot of assumptions going on that he just left him there.

On the contrary, the Ducati rider and camera bike rider came to aid the Harley rider right after the video ends but did not want to move him in case of serious injuries, as his helmet came off before he even hit the ground while he was in the air. It is best to leave him still until the ambulance and professionals get there. As well as the first Harley rider coming back around and threatening the sport bike riders to stay away or he would "kick asses" (who also didn't see what happened because he was past the accident already). Instead the camera bike rider tried to clean up the road of debris so no other riders or bicyclists that too ride on that road would fall, as the first Harley rider continued to insult and threaten, kicking debris at the sport bike riders, not assisting the situation at all.

There is video of this "aftermath", and as said, should be coming soon along with more details. The Ducati rider went home sore, and the Harley rider left in an ambulance. It is a choice to wear certain gear and there is no problem what you choose, so no need to bash riders for their choice, just keep in mind the consequences.


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