Supermoto Crash - aus Versehen abgeräumt

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Video von: mr_roc27 | vom: 29.12.2021

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Details: Supermoto Crash - aus Versehen abgeräumt...

Supermoto Crash - aus Versehen abgeräumt

Other rider came into the pit and apologized, he thought the race was over. I was setting up the outside line and was expecting him to hit the apex.

He looked right and saw another rider coming underneath, he stood the bike up and came into my line. We got stuck together for a moment until i was able to break off and straighten the bike up. Luckily was able to stay calm and save it in the grass while my back end was dancing.

Also thank god i had a lever guard, because if i didn’t he would of hit my brake lever and that would have ended badly.

After all that I was able to get back on track and finish the race. Other rider is ok.


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