Unfallverhütung: Hört auf Mick Doohan! Sollte sich jeder rein ziehen!

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Video von: TACVictoria | vom: 10.02.2016
Homepage: http://www.spokes.com.au

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Details: Unfallverhütung: Hört auf Mick Doohan! Sollte...

Hört auf Mick Doohan! Sollte sich jeder rein ziehen! Unfallverhütung:

Web: www.spokes.com.au
Web: www.tacsafety.com.au

http://www.spokes.com.au In Victoria, on-road riding is the most popular type of motorcycling, with the majority of riders spending at least some of their riding time for recreational purposes. Over 80% of riders claim to ride for recreation on a Saturday or Sunday (TAC Motorcycle Monitor, 2012).

The TAC's claims data highlights that the peak times for motorcycle crashes requiring hospitalisation is on weekend days between noon and 4pm.

With this knowledge, the TAC developed a campaign to encourage Victorian recreational motorcyclists to manage their personal risk, providing them with strategies and positive behaviour demonstrations to assist in reducing their level of risk and ultimately, personal harm.

The campaign address five key safety issues that recreational riders encounter and can contribute to a crash:
1. Speed
2. Cornering
3. Road position
4. Road surfaces and foreign objects
5. Other road users/objects

The Perfect Ride Tutorials were developed to provide riders with more detailed information on the above hazards that a 60 second television commercial can not. These four short videos show a group of mates going for a recreational ride as Rick Williams, a motorcycle riding instructor with seven years experience, leads the group as they discuss their plans for the ride and what they see and do on their ride.

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