Gaviapass (Passo di Gavia) von Schaaf unter die Rasten genommen

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Video von: Schaaf | vom: 08.10.2015

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Details: Gaviapass (Passo di Gavia) von Schaaf unter d...

Gaviapass (Passo di Gavia) von Schaaf unter die Rasten genommen


specific INFO: Welcome to early August 2015 & Welcome to the wonderful Passo di Gavia! This road surely was the most exciting one I've been on during this year's riding season. Although you guys will have to wait for Part II for the scary and thrilling parts :) The northern side you see in this video here is simply wonderful to ride. So buckle up (even though we bikers don't do thath ;) ), lean back and enjoy the scenery!!!
general INFO: In August 2015 I rode my bruised Honda CB500 off into Italy. To follow my holy quest of real-world-meeting potentially awesome people whom I know through my Schaaf Social Media pages. The folks I've met were all brilliant by the way.
I obviously tried to capture some RAW videos for you guys while I was there. Unfortunately my bike was not at a 100%. The Little Honda was safe to ride but I simply couldn't afford to repair all the broken bits before I took off. So while riding I had to get used to the following issues:
-) Steering head bearing age-worn - causing slight issues while slow riding (will replace next season)
-) Front brake caliper age-worn - I only had about 50% of the bike's usual brake force at disposal (will replace next season)
-) Rear wheel bearing busted - causing the bike to unexpectedly keep its lean/riding direction while going through slower corners. While riding I thought all the steering issues came from the head bearing. After the trip I discovered the completely dissolved middle bearing of the rear wheel while disassembling the rear wheel in order to change the bike's chain. I had no idea my bike was constantly grinding up the bearing parts inside the back wheel while riding. I thought the metallic clanging noise came from the chain
-) Stuck chain links - I replaced chain and sprockets after the trip
-) Broken chain guard / swing arm protection - the thick rubber piece to guide the chain over the bike's swing arm fell apart. Causing the chain to hit the metal swing arm. Which quickly sent the chain into Nirvana.
-) Adjusting screw for the clutch lever broke - Resulting in me not being able to adjust the clutch's friction point. I had to get used to a completely new friction/biting point which made exact rev-matching while down shifting a lot harder.
Luckily with time I got used to most of the issues and I could almost ride as fast as I wished to. Not quite at this point of the trip yet but you'll see a quicker pace in the later videos.

Google Street View:
Motorrad: 1994 Honda CB500 PC26 with Bridgestone BT45 tires
Kamera: GoPro Hero3+ Black Edition / 1080p/50 / SuperView / ProTune OFF
Audio: ZOOM H1 (see the tutorial video:
Editor: Adobe Premiere Pro CS6

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