Behind The Dream - Alberto Puig - Team Manager Repsol Honda Team

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Video von: Honda Racing | vom: 23.10.2022

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Details: Behind The Dream - Alberto Puig - Team Manage...

Behind The Dream - Alberto Puig - Team Manager Repsol Honda Team

Episode 5 in the exclusive behind the scenes documentary from HRC and the Repsol Honda Team. Go Behind the Dream and discover the unique human stories behind the most success team in MotoGP history.

“The people can speak bullshit about Alberto, but to me he is crucial. Crucial because he is honest. When someone is honest and speaks straight to you, normally this person has not a lot of friends.” This is how Marc Marquez describes the figure of his controversial boss, who has been of great help to him at all times since breaking his humerus at Jerez in 2020. “I am connected to his problem,” Puig empathizes.

The eight-time MotoGP World Champion has always appreciated the advice of Puig and Mick Doohan, former riders who have lived through the hell of injuries and who have motivated him during the long road of recovery that he emerged from at the last Aragon Grand Prix.

But Alberto does not limit his motivational efforts to just 'his' rider, but also his entire team. In a difficult period for the most successful team in Grand Prix racing, many have casted doubts that the Repsol Honda Team will return to where it has historically been. Alberto’s philosophy on the situation is pragmatic and simple: “If you pretend it's going to be paradise you don't understand this racing field. We had very good years and we are suffering. How do I handle it? I just handle it.”

This is Alberto, a man entirely focused and consumed in his work and completely unconcerned by the opinions of others. “I am not pretending to be the guy that everybody loves. I am not acting in my life. How people see you is something you cannot control. And frankly, I don’t care.”
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