Yamaha FJ1200 Bad-As Brawler, Streetfighter by BBR

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Video von: Barebonerides | vom: 10.04.2015
Homepage: http://www.barebonerides.com/1989-yamaha-fj1200-bad-ass-brawler.html


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Details: Yamaha FJ1200 Bad-As Brawler, Streetfighter b...

Yamaha FJ1200 (1989) Bad-As Brawler, Street Fighter by BBR.

Web: www.barebonerides.com
FB: www.facebook.com/barebonerides

The BBR Brothers finished this build in March 2015. We recommend you take a look at some of the before shots on our website ... holy smokes she was in really rough shape but, with only 17,000 original miles, we knew she had plenty of life left - she just needed someone to help bring her back from near death! Our customer is not in to chrome/flash and wanted something a bit more sinister looking than the original version of the FJ1200!

Based on his reaction at the unveil, we nailed it!!! And she really roars when you whack open her throttle on the road! All work other than the seat upholstery was done in-house including the custom subframe/tail-piece/seat. We definitely appreciate you guys checking her out ... and thank you in advance for your comments/feedback/likes!

We have uploaded several photos (before/during/after) on our website: http://www.barebonerides.com/1989-yamaha-fj1200-bad-ass-brawler.html

Send us a note through our website if you have any specific questions on this build!

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