Honda in Eile - Flachberg (Österreich) by Schaaf

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Video von: Schaaf | vom: 02.05.2015

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Details: Honda in Eile - Flachberg (Österreich) by Sch...

Honda CB500 in Eile, Flachberg (Österreich) by Schaaf



This is the last one of my "angry autumn" series. And it's my last video from the 2014 season - shot in late September.
It basically shows the reason why I usually choose not to ride the few roads which are very close to my home any longer. Cause I can't help constantly getting a bit mental on roads which I'm too familiar with...
I always end up in race-mode which should have no place on public roads. Last season (2014) unfortunately offered very few riding opportunities for me which is why I still went for the occasional home-turf ride like this one here on the weekends. At the time it was better than nothing. And of course I felt the urge to record and share a rather quick ride like this one.
This season I still want to ride these roads but only for film and photography reasons. I had the chance to go for two late afternoon rides last year where I did nothing else but taking pictures and videos of other bikers who had some fun in front of my lens :) It was great fun as well and sure a lot less riskier. I'll try to do the same this year and focus on decent day-rides or even road trips when it comes to my own "riding pleasure".

Filmed with a GoPro Hero 3+ Black Edition / Chin Mount / 1080p50 Superview /
Sound recorded with a ZOOM H-1


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