Engagiertes, kontrolliertes Rastenkratzen by Schaaf, Puchenstubner Straße (B28)

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Video von: Schaaf | vom: 05.04.2015
Homepage: http://www.facebook.com/schaafyoutube

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Details: Engagiertes, kontrolliertes Rastenkratzen by ...

Engagiertes Rastenkratzen by Schaaf Puchenstubner Straße (B28).

FB: https://www.facebook.com/schaafyoutube
Instagram: http://instagram.com/schaaf_gopro_only
Google-Maps: http://bit.ly/1FlmYWg

general info: Back in mid-September 2014 I went looking for dry roads. It was the first and only time during the season where I went riding just for the sake of riding. Preferably with decent pace. I wanted to record at least one or two RAW clips showing a bit of commitment. I was surprised to see that I had to ride much further than I thought until I could find relatively dry roads. It surprised me even more how much of a difference grip-wise a few degrees Celsius can make. I rode for a good three hours before I started recording anything because I was lacking practice big time. Before this day I hadn't been on the bike for months. Except for a handful of short commutes. So these autumnal conditions in combination with my lack of practice sure turned out to be quite a delicate combo. I remember I almost had to be careful on the throttle. But since it's just a CB500 I tried to floor it anyway ;)
the overtake: Some of my viewers who fail to correctly judge speed and range of vision have accused me of going for blind overtakes before. The first overtake was in fact a blind one. It must have been the first since my early days when I started riding 6 years ago and when I had no clue of what I was doing.

You know I love taking risks. But only if taking risks is rewarded with immediate feelings of ecstasy. I do get these from cornering quickly. Certainly not from doing blind overtakes. They are plain stupid and they don't feel awesome at all. So why did I still go for this manoeuvre?

Me being impatient on my little Honda is one of my worst riding habits. I absolutely hate having slower riders spoil my cornering fun. The problem I'm having that sometimes it's almost impossible to overtake riders on bigger machines on the straight bits. Because my bike is just not powerful enough. And there's nothing worse than these morons who speed on straights just to shit themselves before the turn arrives. Also I wouldn't have done the same manoeuvre overtaking a car at this spot. I more or less relied on the first biker to give me some more space in case a vehicle approaches on the oncoming lane.

That's extremely stupid. NEVER rely on anyone doing anything for you out there on public roads. My biggest rule of survival is to pretend that anyone out there driving is an utter idiot so I'm always expecting the worst to happen. However my impatience combined with how furious I get whenever I encounter these "straight bits speeders" resulted in me doing something unnecessarily dangerous.

I absolutely need to work on improving here. I'll earn a lot of hate for showing manoeuvres like these but if one or two of you can understand me here and maybe even take this as some sort of lesson it was certainly worth uploading and sharing.
Filmed with a GoPro Hero 3+ Black Edition / Chin Mount / 1080p50 Superview /
Sound recorded with a ZOOM H-1

FB: https://www.facebook.com/schaafyoutube
Instagram: http://instagram.com/schaaf_gopro_only
YT: http://www.youtube.com/user/schaaf
Web: http://fotoflut.at

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