Engagiert: Hochschwab Straße, Steiermark by Schaaf, CB500 LeoVince

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Video von: Schaaf | vom: 14.10.2014
Homepage: http://www.facebook.com/schaafyoutube

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Details: Engagiert: Hochschwab Straße, Steiermark by S...

Engagiert: Hochschwab Straße B24, Steiermark - CB500 LeoVince Schaaf onboard

FB: https://www.facebook.com/schaafyoutube
Instagram: http://instagram.com/schaaf_gopro_only
YT: http://www.youtube.com/user/schaaf
Web: http://fotoflut.at

Google-Maps: http://bit.ly/1EPLzTu
Filmed with a GoPro Hero 3+ Black Edition in 1080p/50
Chin mount
Edited with Adobe Premiere Pro CS6

I used to do this road maybe twice a year. It's incredible fun to ride. This year at least I could include it on my way home from my short Euro trip in June.
I remember when I started riding on that day my butt and back started to hurt already after 30 minutes of being on the bike. I was still knackered from the previous day on which I rode quite a few more miles than what I'd usually cover on one day. I quickly realized that my concentration wasn't fully available either.
But just like this I could witness the magic of twisty roads once again in full effect. The moment I arrived at the fun section all the pain was gone and I felt focused enough to go for a quick-ish ride. Always an amazing thing to experience :) Although I think with this video here it's quite obvious to see that my concentration was just good enough and not much more than that.
general info: I went on my first and probably only tour this season in June. I tried my best to record at least a few RAW onboards for you guys. Unfortunately I don't feel too comfortable uploading these. Before heading out for the tour I've done only around 500kms on my little Honda this season. My riding isn't as confident yet as it should be. The top box/top case and the tank bag didn't really help. But these roads are still worth the share.
excuse the lame title. I'm experimenting here.

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